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(04/17/2003; 05:21pm) - bitter.

so i spent a week in NYC city last weekend for a job interview...
look's like i didn't get the job although everyone i met was excited to hire me, something about a boss i didn't meet and his frustration with the fact that they interviewed me without going through enough resumes...? who knows...
But, i did find this lovely little apartment, just my size in Chelsea to sublet through October.
I have a house! and soon (i hope) a job.
so now, I'm packing,
it's raining... which should make packing easy, but some how, it's still not much fun.
Well, there's that and the fact that my Yoga teacher's husband (seperated, and on his way to being divorced, but still husband) called me on the phone to tell me that his wife, my teacher, has been lying to him and is having a relationship with me father. (Yes, thsis is the much debated Melissa and my dad argument.) but i always assumed they were to move to that level they would tell me. since I do live here...
but alas, I was wrong.
my dad's now dating a 33 yr old woman who's maturity is not equal to mine,
and the husband involved is calling me on the phone.
what they hell?
I'm sorry i really thought i graduated past 8th grade a really really long time ago.
so obviously, i'm bitter.
waaaaaaaaaaaaay bitter.
and EXTREMEly dissappointed.
you know, some of us live with this dream that we can look up to our parents and learn from them. and some of us just realize that we surpassed our parents maturity when we were about 8 and we've just been making it up since then.
yes yes,
what was that line?
it's time to take responsibilty for all the mistakes our parents made in raising us and get over it and on with our lives?
well, yeah.
but i can still be bitter in the process right?
see you in NYC in less than 2 weeks.
love you all

excited is slowly leaking out of bitter.