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so, this is life?

(09/28/2004; 03:55pm) - so, this is life?

It?s been a while?
So there?s been a boy, or few,
And some general laughter and pain in between?
There?s been some brilliant loving making and some utter ridiculous tears.

Finally got that dog,
Still lack a bike, but the dog?s scared of bikes so I may have to work up her confidence on a vespa, or maybe a bmx.
Sides, when she?s tired she lays down in hot bath and lets me pour water over her, how fuckin cool is that? Plus she?s super warm on me feet at night,
So maybe I can do with out my motorcycle?

In classes, applying to veterinary school?
?the endless plight of ?let me work so hard and give you this beautiful application with all my passion distilled into 800 characters including spaces divided over 10 lines with less than 68 characters per line? so that you can then turn me down and let me know to apply next year because first cycle vet applicants are rarely accepted.

I recently learned that if I listen to music while doing my GRE verbal flashcards, I know all the words and quickly memorize the definitions on those I don?t know instantaneously?
Suspected increased communication between the two halves of my brain due to the bilateral auditory stimulation?

I also recently realized that I don?t seem to know how to use grammar anymore? maybe it?s time to actually learn the rules instead of using that ?feeling? i don?t have anymore.

Fall?s nearly here, winter will be well on her way.
And I plan on bitching extensively about walking my dog in the fucking freezing weather, so be prepared.
(after all I did warn you)