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just one of those days...

(03/26/2003; 03:50pm) - just one of those days...

I'm watching my little brother (Luke) who's 10 while my parents are in Cancun for 10 days. Here's a little recap of how it's going.
Saturday: I let Luke play Diablo II all day cuz he loves it.
Sunday:I take Luke to the Mystery Spot, a cool thing to see in Santa Cruz, he claims: it's boring.
We come home, he doesn't really want to do his homework, so we agree to do it in the morning.

the phone rings 4 times before 8.
the dogs each wake me up twice. (that's 2x2=4)
Luke has a cough and that wakes me up, over and over.

We get up at 6 30, tired.
Luke still won't do his homework.
I make his lunch and feed him and take him to school.
I forget to feed him his medicine-- ADD type stuff.
I take him to school and he get's there early and no one likes to be at school early.
On my way home i get a flat tire.
I change the tire and smile at the Mexican guys that are going into work at the restuarant i'm parking in front of. The all visibly sigh that i'm not asking them to help my change the tire. (Yes, after all these years, I still have to stand on the tire iron to get the lug nuts off, why am I not 6'4" and really ripped?)
I get home and walk the dogs.
I get home from the walk and there's a message from Luke's teacher saying that he's driving her nuts and can i Please come in and drop off his medicine. (school is 45 minutes away.)
It's 12 30, I have to pick him up at 3 00.
I call her back and say, no, i won't bring in his meds if they can handle it, and i'm terribly sorry (minus one for Mike as mom) i hope she can manage the rest of the day.
I pick luke up and the teacher comes out to meet me, she says if we forget again she'll have to send him home. (minus two for mike as mom)
I take luke home and yes, he still doesn't want to work on his homework and sings a song the whole way back that goes something like this: "
Micaela is the best sister in the world, yes, she is, yes she is. Micaela is the worst sister in the world, no she's not, no she's not."
With moments in between where he says, "Wow, I'm annoying, huh?" and then sings some more.

damn it!
Some times no matter how much the day sucks, or is rough, little kids just know how to make it all worth it. (Barely.)

i'll be back when the fam comes home and rescues me.