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things you notice on a 4 train...

(02/10/2004; 12:34pm) - things you notice on a 4 train...

I read all the time here... the hour on the train leaves me little else to do, but i never want to read serious books... i read stupid disgraceful, serial murders, cop mysteries... and wow, i love them. And I kill them so fast. It makes me feel old. Like my grandmother who can't sleep at night... so sits up reading. reading so much that she has read everything that has come out recently... but she's old enough that how "good" it is rarely matters anymore... if she likes it, it's good. if not, it's terrible. end of story. she used to mail them to me, 4 at a time... like i ever had time to read.
it makes me think, about the city... about the fact that it takes 1 hr to go anywhere. one hour alone, by yourself in transit to and from every place that you go to...
what do new yorkers do with themselves? very few actually carry books, and yes many bring a paper, and most carry music... but that is somewhat regardless. what does it do to your life to spend at minimum of one hour each day doing nothing, able to do nothing and simply waiting. how does it provoke you to think? does it give you more time with yourself? or more time to lie to youself? more time to love or hate? it's like moving cattle... or picking beans... you can not do anymore that what you are doing... you have to go step y step, stop by stop. (and no it doesn't happen with out public transportation because driving takes up to much of your mind.) it's kind of a brilliant idea... maybe thats really why NY'ers are so much "more" creative... intense... unusual... maybe they just have to sit with themselves more.

maybe that's why new yorkers are so damn... whatever.