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somewhere out there....

(12/15/2003; 11:20am) - somewhere out there....

so I had some time to kill this morning,
that now has all been suddenly torn away...

I was just shipped out to Pheonix for a business meeting,
where my boss gave us 3 days out of the week off.
...are you stupid?
you send a group to bumfuck, pay 80 and change a night for them to sleep there and then give them 3 nights off to explore Pheonix when they are from NYC?

serious reality check.

but actually, it wasn't all that bad.
we went to while life sanctuary and I spent a day petting cayotes and puma and watching mexican wolves...
and then,
when they told me that they were not going to give me New Years off, great guys, thanks!
I decided i should leave AZ and get the hell out...
So i took what i had been planing on spending on New Years, and did it early, and flew to Chicago.

and now, Snash who stole my wallet to force me to have lunch is calling and my plane is comming up fast, so
i've got to go...
but man,

what a week it's been