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pink floyd in brooklyn

(11/16/2003; 12:36pm) - pink floyd in brooklyn

some times, no matter how your day goes, you get home and everything seems fucked up.
and things feel funny so i walk the dog.
(I now for the moment have a white pit bull and she's great and now, I can walk almost anywhere and people get out of the way.)
so we walk out of the house, and I feel like i am walking through a pink floyd sound track...
but the weird not relaxing akward kinda pink floyd feel
the buildings look twisted and old,
it's almost like a huge weather change is comming
and Ren and I walk toward the slightly worse neighborhood, less houses, more industry...
we make a loop and on the way back I see this little shepard mix digging through the trash...
and i bend down and whistle at it,
I'm thinking, that was dumb... Ren is a nice but very dominant dog and if that little guy came up with some attitude we're gonna have a problem.

so this little dog is looking at me, just watching, wild dogs exist all over the bouroughs, and they can be a little dangerous

then all of a sudden she takes off, running at us... (what?) and then vears suddenly across the street...towards a very very busy road
at the same time i see another dog running with her and then a big guy in a jump suit running like hell behind the other dog, yelling some blur of a name... in my head i'm like oh crap he's lost his dogs...
the little sheppard is running in terror and darts into the street... right into and under the front tire of a car who's brakes are screeching as the driver tries to slow down... I see her leg and head go right against the tire and I turn away and press my fingers into my eyes. (i have a second dog at home with two broken legs from dog meets car just a month ago) then i turn back around and see the little shepard still running down the road with the other dog right behind and the big dude running and yelling behind him. I suddenly realize (all this has only take half a short block) that the other dog is a BIG low pit and he's going after that other little dog that just got hit by the car.

i'm following down the opposite side of the street and realize I have a dog, who's all freaked too,
and this big pit slows down, turns around and goes running past his owner in the other now he's running up the other side of the street at me and my little pit. So I put her behind me and stand all big and he just barels on by...
the guy is now walking home and god knows what happened to the other dog...
I yell across the street, "Sir are those both your dogs?"
he says nothing.
"Sir, is that your dog?" he looks at me and keeps walking...
what the fuck?
what the fuck?

so we're now in an even worse place to be and there's a just got hit by a car, fucked up little dog somewhere near by...
so we check the nearest streets... Ren's watching everything that moves and I'm just lookin out for people and little dogs, and I'm wishing I had bought some pepper spray.

finally I give up and Ren DRAGS me all the way home, we run some of it just to help her settle.
We come upstairs inside and she ducks in her kennel.
she's been their ever since...and I can still hear the pink floyd.

where the fuck am i
what the fuck is going on

sometimes... what the hell