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sometimes it's good to remember,

(03/17/2003; 08:11pm) - sometimes it's good to remember,

one of those days...

sometimes don't you just wish you could go back to a past memory, even for a minute?
I just took an exam, debated whether my memory was wrong or whether the teacher wanted something insane.
Decided my memory was wrong, answered 3 long questions and walked out to check.
My memory was right. and those 3 long questions? now utterly wrong.
makes you want to curl up in a ball and remember something nice. yucky! grr. all those frustrating sounds.

(and although i don't necessarily wish i was back there, i do believe it's good to cherish the things that were special.)
so here's my something nice...

a warm spring day, sun is nice and hot,
many kids are laying on the grass in noyes circle some are throwing frisbee's
boys are shirtless, girls are in tanks wondering why they aren't shirtless
we're sneaking in to ACDC to get big mountain dews and fro-yo and french fries
we're in big pants trying to hide out barefeet from management
we're all a little bit sweaty,
and all delightfully happy.
there are few days as beautiful as many of those...

so me?
for the next 15 min before i start studying for my next exam...
I'm carrying a soda out to the grass
to sit with chas while he reads and to watch the boys throw things,
and relaxing in the sun.