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here we go...

(01/20/2003; 10:28pm) - here we go...

So I?ve been thinking lots and lots about what I could do for melounge? I?m not as brave as benny and bobert to let all the world in on their secrets, I?m not a poet, like wil I?m not as well spoken as Andrew, and hours on a computer give me no satisfaction- Kev?s just some sort of twisted god, I?ve grown to accept that fact. But the more I think, the more I realize that it isn?t about quality, or quantity? melounge isn?t about being good or perfect or right? it?s about staying in touch and sharing where we are. And really, I figure that there is a reason we were friends, and that reason is enough to make me write, to fill you in, and to contribute.

Now, the thing for me is that writing in such an open space is really hard. I hate my journals being read by anyone I know, so this is an effort in being honest, being truthful and in exploring the world of things I might not otherwise write about. After all, I?m just positive that everyone cares about my opinions on everything in the world.

The most challenging thing is that this space is broad and open and, my dear friends, we are all opinionated bastards and like sharing those ideas with the world. I am absolutely terrified of writing for any of you, one, because you are all brilliant writers and you went to whatever grade I skipped where they teach you grammar (like where, commas, go, and, why?) and two because I take everything you?ve all ever said to me to heart. So perhaps when reading what I?ve added to our little world, just remember that I am small and female and care way tooo much about everything in the world. I?m not telling you that you can?t shit on whatever I write, hell, destroy it, only what I?ll think more and better, but just remember I?m me, and if you don?t like it, don?t read it.

Since I have to justify everything I do in the world, there?s my little disclaimer.

Welcome to my (truthful) world.
enjoy my contribution?