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silly, young, in NYC... the day before i turn 24

(03/09/2004; 12:02pm) - silly, young, in NYC... the day before i turn 24

i alternately love and hate my job, i love my job, i hate the stupid new boss who makes me run her errands all day and then gives me a hard time for not getting enough done. (and never tells me that i'm doing a good job)
but i love my coworkers and saving animals...

oh well.

i spent some time with the ex boy, who is on spring break... and had to deal with all that crap. (you know that oh shit it's in my face and i have to deal with it type) i can't say that i did well. but i am trying... and besides everyone's expectations of me are rediculous. i know this because my expectations of myself are insane, so how can other people actually want more from me than i do! damn. what ass holes.

the weather here has changed, then been beautiful, then today on my way to work there was freezing rain... and damn, my pants were too long. heh

i'm happy. a lot lost inbetween.
a friend once recommended that i take a break from sex, which i can understand, and maybe even agree with, but even when he's not having sex, he stills spend time with girls... i know you do! aren't they just as distracting as the sex?
i see the point of the intamacy that it creates, but fuck man, all i do is hang out with a guy a couple of times and they want to buy me, carry me off to never never land and watch me be me forever. and that by the way, really fucks up the whole reason i liked them in the first place.

so i have a solution.
i need a dog.
dog or man, man or dog...

this summer, i think it should be dog.

so now i have to only figure out a few key steps, like how dog can go with me everywhere, and import my bad ass dog back from LA and i'll be set.
so now i need a vote:
small shitty car
small shitty motorcycle with side car

i've got to learn to ride a bike anyway, and i'm really excited.
then again, i don't really want to die...(and i do have to teach the dog to ride in the side car)


so, what do you think?