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why 'thank you' is such an understatement...

(01/22/2003; 12:58pm) - why 'thank you' is such an understatement...

People from your past give you this warm feeling, like walking
into your house at Christmas- you know, when it smells like Christmas.
It's beautiful and tragic to know how few people will know you
that way. Your best friend, if you have one long enough to have them
really be best. That one person you thought you were going to marry,
before they broke your heart.
The person you do choose to spend your life with- they will
probably know you that well too, if you ever find them.
It's these people who protect you from yourself on your most
twisted days. They tell you to knock it off, when you're being an ass
and they take you out to get wasted when "it's over."
When you're old you go out of your way to be near these people.
When you're young you take a deep breath and jump and hope they're holding
the other end of the line.
They are magic. They are a blessing. They come and pick you up and dust
you off with out ever making you admit that you needed the them, or
explaining exactly how you got to be in that gutter in the first place.
To my best friends, to the people who know me that well and hold me dear,
for pulling me out fo relationships, out of bars, out of cabs, out of sticky
situations and laughing about it the whole way home.
How much i wish i could be nearer to all of you. But one day, when we're
old and full of stories, we'll retire to that old rocker and share the dreams we've lived.
I expect to see you all there.

with my love and my heart,
to all of those who've been there.