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Tales From Bangkok
geb dok mai
Aug 4, 2001
Okay, so I learned a big lesson today... I thought I was getting the
hang of Thai culture, but I was wrong... HAH! wait till you get this...

So, I came into work about 6 pm today, just like any other day, and all
of the girls that work at the school, started talking really quickly,
and laughing and what not. So I asked them what was up. They started
blabbling about how this girl showed up asking for me previous evening
at like 8:30... and I said, huh, that's funny I don't know any girls...
They said that she came in and said that she claimed to live in my
building and that she was my friend, and she was wondering where I
was... I couldn't figure it out, and then it dawned on me. This was
some bar girl from when my friends and I went out a couple days ago!!!!
(No its not what you think)

So, now you may ask, what the hell is she doing at my WORK!!!!!

And I say, the hell if I know!

The evening went like this:

Vaughn and I went out to this nice cute little pub... to have some
drinks and play some darts. At all of these places have these bar girls
that talk to you, and they are paid by the establishment for being
there. So these girls ask you questions and just try to get you talking
so you might like them. So here is the conversation we had, almost

Hello... whats your name?

Where are you from?

Do you live in Bangkok?

What do you do?

Oh, your a teacher, where do you work?

Oh, okay... do you want to play darts?

very benign, not anything out of the ordinary...


Apparently, this girl decided that she liked me, and decided to show up
at my work the next day!

I found out that you NEVER tell these girls where you work because if
they like you they SHOW UP THERE!!!!

Apparently, sometimes they decide that they want someone to be their
boyfriend or something if they like them.... I don't know, this is just
what the people tell me... (sigh)

So, rediculous... I was so embarassed, because everyone naturally
thought that I had hired this bar girl... so aweful. But kinda funny I
guess. no! not funny at all. I am going to get fired (not really)
before I even really start. Damn me and my big mouth.

Toby, my other friend told me that the same thing happened to him
except that the girl brought her mom with her to his work and claimed
that they were MARRIED!

wow. I really hope that she doesn't come back with her mom.

I am learning, I really am. I just really never thought that these
girls would come to someone's work. You would think that there would be
something better to do with their time.

I was dumbfounded to say the least.

Luckily, my boss said, its okay, no no, really its okay... don't worry
about it. But I didn't really believe him. I had to explain to everyone
what happened... I think that I had like a 75 % success rating.


I also realized that it isn't wierd that I don't have hot water... no
one really does. Showering sorta sucks, and there is no water pressure.
You have to squat in the tub and dribble water over your soapy head
forever. Luckily there is no cold water either... it is all luke warm.

Lesson #257: Do not talk to bar girls, and if you do, don't tell them
where you live or where you work... they might follow you everywhere.