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(09/29/2003; 02:56pm) - sometimes...

you go back and read what you were thinking...

it's sily to listen to yourself, your voice, bitch or sit in slow contemplation, or worry...

so today the least social of my friends, made the most social of my friends (me) join friendster.

sometimes...(may the world never stop surprising me. -you either wil.)

i'm packing to move to brooklyn, with a kid i sorta know, two kids i don't know and a very small amount of rent.
sounds like a good plan, minus the packing.
(everytime i pack i remember that i have too much shit. but i don't know what to get rid of.)
it makes me feel weighed down.

sometimes... (i dream of owning only what will fit in my car, but i need a car first)

my relationship is lost in somewhere fucking else land.
it's still happy, and caring...
it's just that he's back in the bubble and the voice i hear isn't the gent i like dating.
but when i see him, it all smooths out,
i just have to keep making money...who knew a 90min train ride would start costing 15 bucks each way.
i'm apprehensive, but thus far, it still seems to be definatly worth while.
it's tricky though,
when i'm scared and alone, i make bigger jumps.

i think i just need a girlfriend, adria, snash, you dumb sexy bitches, move you slow snail asses.

sometimes... (i'm gonna reach out to CA and drag your tan butt back here)

but now, it's peaceful.
i had some great and simple conversations today,
i have a new kitten on my lap,
i'm chucking shit at boxes...
and tonight i get to see some old friends.

(really the day couldn't get much better)

hope you're all well. in your many respective locations.
i hope you enjoy your sometimes.