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poof, and like magic

(05/17/2003; 09:38pm) - poof, and like magic

i arrived in NYC.
got all sorts of confused, but mostly,
moved into my place,
tonight... i unpack boxes.
(it only took me a sushi dinner...)
that is, one for bobert and one for james in exchange for moving boxes up 12 flights of stairs.

i live in a cute neiborhood,
very friendly, very convienent...
very good for someone new to the city.

i'm working part time at a title company for a friend,
to learn and to make some cash while i get real jobs lined up.
all and all it's very well.
a little lonely in the evening...
a little loud during the day.

it's all and all a new and beautiful expereince.
i'm here,
i'm excited and
i'm down.