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not everything in the world is full of hippies.

(09/18/2003; 11:56pm) - not everything in the world is full of hippies.

I guess I've been busy with work, cuz I haven't posted in forever.

So I went to Burningman. AFter much debate about it being to big or too old or too dumb I found some people who were really into it and went every year, and I teamed up with them and went.

The desert is BEAUTIFUL! I love to camp and many of you know and camping on a dry lake bed in the middle of the nevada desert is nearly the best. The art was unusual, even if in someways it was rediculous. The art cars on the other hand were fantastic! (Even though someone did get run over and killed. But hey, they only go 5mph you have to fall right under a really heavy one... I guess sometimes it really is your time.)
There were lots of beautiful lights and naked people and music all roaming around on bikes. And more than anything else, there were everykind of people there you could imagine. Old, young, hippies, yuppies... everyone was having a great time, eating drugs, dancing and trying to keep pissing clear. It really was quite an expirence.
I'll put more creative info about it later, but for now, anyone who's interested should really go look at the burining man web site.
Also, that should explain my Sunset, if andrew ever posts it.

anyway. hope you are all well. much love from me in Chelsea, with only 4 little cat brats (3 black 1 white) who are all now finding a way to sit in my lap. take care, be well and in good health and happy dreams.

ps i had the fortunate opportunity to meet Praveen, oh man, how do you spell it kiddo? Anyway, for those who haven't met him, he's a damn cool kid. Regardless, HI PRAVEEN!
love you all