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(03/24/2003; 02:37am) - un::closed

Almost perfectly pleased thoughtlessly sipping a silent cup of coffee hot despite violently calm ocean breezes a small smile eases out but crazy eyes turn lazy trying to keep an open eager mind never letting the little things phase me nor my broken beat canter my limping saunter I break stride, shake pride, take sides and tell the rest of em to fuck off ? two more sugars and a little more half milk half cream an asinine attempt to sweeten the day?s dreams but the bitter gritty grounds still sit in the pit of the cup and who gives a fuck about what he said she said or what I had been saying but somehow sounds splinter, thoughts flail, words whither with each and every action rubbing people in an oddly wrong way depriving us all of that much needed satisfaction and with every last sip with everything we?ve finished that bitter taste just takes a little more time to fade than we all thought.

and with that? unclosed doors are: