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(03/04/2003; 02:21pm) - the::day::moved

I now sleep under green sheets surrounded by yellow walls just my size feet from the beach on a mattress perfectly positioned on the corner of the floor three blocks from the street courts overseeing the Venice water waves with nothing on the walls but music and wi-fi seem to calm the air rubbing against the several coats of paint I did not place there peek around the corner to find the shower that fills with water shouting there is room for improvement inside but outside there is nothing more perfect than a one minute walk for a world class sunset on the backdrop of what is known to most as just a Hollywood back lot and I think of how great it is to live here so simply sweet with a laptop, camera, soft pillow, a mentality to deconstruct, a desire to stop vacationing in the house I grew up in and all the tools under my fingerprints to look to build me while the distractions are embraced for their brilliant meaninglessness and so it is that my living situation is:


Notable: a small surgury and tilt your head to see a trick (video so be patient)

^ and I made this thing ^