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(02/20/2003; 02:10pm) - social::reconstuctions

Slipped three and one half half-days ago
tipsy toeing around my life
hilarity yet constant confusion stifled by slight
contorted concerted acts and apart
from that - I have half empty inboxes : Full boxes
of outgoing email whose telltale signs tell
who to write written letters to...
who hasn't written biblical alphabetical nicknames - shortcuts
but fuck, all judgment no compassion
discombobulation is this page, a palimpsest - I regress
written but rewrote and reread rethought reset recess. Break.
Breathe. Sound footing, no pout patching placebo effects, check -
check the sitzmarks left behind and as such, in short - one sec - stance
they fell behind on both sides of my clearly defined line,
boundaries drawn, those past parted disciples... home.
the blackish blue little bound friend-book is now:


:[ not sure?

yes... but I will miss him-them-her.

do you rock, or is it still a secret?

reread it... a cat on friends