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Belligerent Poetry
one last wish into the night

and is it always this way?
do you always moan and cry?
is there no sense of triumph,
no celebration at the dawn?
have we not lived again,
survived the long night through?
would this then not be joyful,
our glimpses of the sun,
that remind us we are chosen,
even though we're all so young?

it seems you often look away,
as color lights the sky,
pretending not to notice
the cheers and laughter here.
perhaps this makes you happy,
locked away inside your mind,
ignoring others lives,
always on the verge of crying.

i can't comfort you forever,
though usually i'd try,
because each day i am brightened,
each night slips quickly by.
and i know that i am here and now,
invincible and vague,
lost among the waves that crash,
enchanted by their color, might.
and all i leave you is my echo,
all i offer is the world,
it's colors bright and lovely,
all i have to give
is my sense of awe
that i am here and now and gifted.

-wil `99