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Belligerent Poetry
at last a slight reply...

a world apart, it often seems

because sight is hidden from afar,
i'm never sure quite where you are
lost in memory your actions
our situation, my decisions
that brought us to this strange local
decidedly unique and unreal
how odd, how long it took
to strain the surroundings, bring them down
until we could talk together
without fear or consequence,
having no real influence
save in the thoughts running in our heads
before we speak or act or wish
and in our conversations with others,
we echo what we'd told each other
or save a tiny question, concept
for further exploration
in electronic discussion
that holds no ties, that shows no expression
and therefore limits us less
does not bind us by who we are,
by what we look like, where we sit
instead allowing freedom,
allowing my interpretation,
diffusing expectations, diverting us
and thus we manage to be friends,
or at least to share the questions
that we find around us, the thoughts
and notions that disturb or please us
what more is there to ask for,
than someone who'd listen to what i say
without interruption, without retort
or with retort, subtly veiled in intelligence
in quiet unspoken words on a silent screen
that only vaguely remind us of the person
sitting silently on the other end
holding the thread of conversation.

(for esmeline)