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famous last words

(09/10/2003; 08:38pm) - famous last words

i'm never going to space again. everyone was so rude, and my table service was terrible. and the cuisine was hardly "universal" it was more like regular food from Earth, with just a couple of Mars spices...WHICH YOU CAN GET ON EARTH! the music act was so boring. i'd never seen any of the instruments before, which normally is interesting, but it all ended sounding like the equivalent of hair gently falling to the floor in barber shop. when i voiced this complaint to the manager, he replied "perhaps you're not the universal sofisticate your badge would imply." if there's one thing i can't stand it's haughty space jerks. i'm sticking to regular old crappy earth from now on. except, of course, for interstellar whore houses. there's no other place to get that, that...feeling.