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some thoughts

(05/01/2003; 12:20am) - some thoughts

What would Jesus say if he showed up right now? ?What day is it?? ?Who are you?? If Jesus came right now, he?d visit me first. He?d have short hair. I wouldn?t recognize him on account of this short hair, and he?d pretend to be a Native American, even though he really doesn?t look like one. He?d be petitioning me for reparations. His tribe wants to build a casino, and they have rights to my land. Jesus wants to build casino on my house. I?d smile and be pleasant because this guy really doesn?t look like a Native American. In fact, he looks more like Jesus with short
hair. This would make me laugh to myself, ?ha.? Who still has a beard, anyway? My father had a beard for 32 years. Shaved it down to a goatee 7 months ago. He never looked like Jesus, but this guy does. Alright, I call your bluff. I?ll sign your petition. You?re either Jesus trying to trick me, or a real Native American. Either way I?ll probably lose my house. I haven?t had a job since March. I guess I?ll follow you home. I guess I'll follow you anywhere. Can we start a religion. I?d prefer if we could be more the type of religion that is really just built around group sex,
and the like. Do I have any say in our beliefs? How established is this religion? Do I have to pay taxes? And this casino, will it have Baccarat? I?d like to learn how to play.