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back in high school

(06/16/2003; 08:09pm) - back in high school

back in my high school there were two types of people: bikers and nerds. everything would have been copasetic if people would have stuck to their own groups, but unfortunately the overwhelming desire for nerd girls upset the social balances severely. biker boys only wanted to get with nerd girls, and nerd guys only wanted to get with nerd girls. nerd girls didn't want to get with biker boys because most of them had psoriasis. nerd girls didn't mind nerd boys too much, but were more interested in biker girls. the nerd girls longed for the tough muscleatory image that the biker girls put forth. (the image would have been equally appealing as far as biker boys went, if it wasn't for their itchy, scratchy, peely psoriasis.) but biker girls didn't mind psoriasis and longed to ride the backseat of the biker boys bikes. it seemed like every day a fight broke out where a biker boy would beat up a nerd boy (scratching his itchy skin all the while) to show his dominance to the nerd girl, but it would all be for naught as the nerd girl could not stop leering at the leather clad biker girls across the hall who in turn were enamored with the sheer musclitude of the biker boy's butt kicking fervorocity. if only i knew what i know now in high school. a little jergens would have cleared up the whole mess. nerd boys and biker girls would have gone lonely after the nerd girls paired with all the biker boys, until, of course, the biker girls took a step back and noticed how sexy they found algebra. then, like spring and summer become one in mid june, nerd boys would finally learn why they though about girls so much. ahhhh.