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(02/21/2003; 03:15pm) - some more...

Part III
My dog hurt herself. She, some how, torn the tendon on the underside of her left rear foot. (I think that?s the easiest way to explain that to you. No, I?m not being condescending or that word that starts with a p and is like a father--- the one I can no longer ever remember. Damn stroke.) So, she?s been through lots of x rays and lots of pain meds and today I got to watch the surgery. It was thrilling. Drilling through bones and being able to answer questions that the doctor quizzed his interns about is all quite satisfying. Perfect day for me.

Part IV

I?m moving to NYC. Apartment finding is always messy. We had one, now we don?t we have a new one; we?ll see how it ends up. And I?m thrilled to get to be in such a new place with amazing people to keep working on my head and my goals. (Yes, Mikey is all sorts of into being an orthopedic surgeon, yes as a vet.)

But my best friend is in Barcelona and she?s trying to decide if she should come back or if she should do some more Europe for a while, and frankly, NY sounds good and all, but my and Adria and Europe, living in cities until we become illegal and then moving on? That sounds damn good too.

I think, I have to finish classes. Write essays for college. Take my GRE?s and the faster I can do that, then the faster I get to Europe, Australia, Asia and where ever else my heart takes me. Wow, did I leave out South and Central America?

Cool guys, now you know my plan!

ps i just got my wisdom teeth out, so if i make no sense, i appologise. Drugs are amazing, i was in the chair and then i was dreaming and then i was in this warm bed being told to sleep. There is nothing so amazing as just relaxing and knowing that all is well and that you should sleep--even if you need drugs to get there.