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(08/02/2006; 12:24pm) - V4 coming at cha

so its done, and meLounge is officially relaunched. First off shout out to wolfe who designed what you see before you. and secondly may i just take the time to say, "fuck you safari". Yes it's official, i hate that fucking browser, and its css rendering engine. without a mac of my own i dont have the time (or energy) to figure out how to make the site render correctly in that browser. But honestly you have no excuse for not using firefox anyway. but i am aware about the error in the forum with IE6. and that i will work on, for those times we all find ourselves on a craptastic pc.

also content nav, is way different these days, in that a lot of it shows random entries and sections. honestly we get 0 new visitors, and this way you can revisit all the old content in a novel way.

but for the most part the redesign is over. so if you can, enjoy


(07/26/2006; 03:31pm) - new content

i did this
new content
go fig


(07/18/2006; 02:54pm) - like carmen san diego or waldo, but more about me

does waldo have a gig of ram?
does carmen san diego come with a dvd burner?
which is why where in the world is bobert's laptop is a much cooler game!!!


(07/17/2006; 09:29pm) - waiting for wwiii

while listening to an interview with syrian ambassador on the jim lehr news hour, i hear him refer to syria and iran as the lambs of the miiddle hears.

i wanna puke


(06/26/2006; 07:39pm) - in our dreams...

it's wil, no kev, no benny, no...
talk about life going lucid.

check it


(05/05/2006; 11:35am) - behold the grim spectre of death

scary i know

(04/06/2006; 01:47pm) - pity me goddamnit

i'm sick
i demand your pity


(03/31/2006; 12:35pm) - the good news and the bad news

the bad news: we lost the fourm data of the past 2 or so weeks (but honestly i think it was just wolfe posting in treasure)
the good news: we had previously lost ALL of battlefield forum. it is now back and in charge. this means that to my chagrin my nambla faux pas is on the internet for all to enjoy. oh and i made all the non forum content google accessible. not that anybody really cares


(03/17/2006; 10:22am) - dead?

it's like the site all but died post hacking.
c'mon guys. i've got a boring job, here.
give a brother something to work with.

(03/01/2006; 10:52am) - another thursday

got nothing funny to say
still working on the upgrade
find me if you need me