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the world should never forget

(02/29/2008; 01:32pm) - obama on the front page

seeing obama on the news portion of the front page shows me how much time has really passed. *sigh* for better or worse (though i strive for better) we all grew up. this is a quiet place now, but it wasn't always. honestly i'd be sad if i didn't know that the million monkeys on the million typewriters all grew up to be (wo)men.


(02/29/2008; 01:32pm) - RIP (2002-2008) died today and no one noticed. It's not so much the end of an era, but a reminder that the era will never begin anew. for what it's worth melounge (and you too meloungemusic), you didn't suck


(03/20/2007; 09:56am) - energy level

i am tired of always being so tired


(01/12/2007; 05:15pm) - awesomeness

fridays have a heck of a lot of awesomeness


(12/04/2006; 06:00pm) - pathetic

My name is Doug and I'm a recruiter at Your Company Name. Our records show that you are an experienced professional with experience in PHP, JAVAVSCRIPT & HTML This experience is relevant to one of my current openings.
this is me laughing at you

(10/16/2006; 11:22am) - when he's right, he's righ

good policy, makes good politics

-dick armey

(10/06/2006; 07:39pm) - oooh! that's sexy!

So, today I had my first anatomy class.
I skinned the front half of my dog. (They already hacksawed her into two.)
And then I cut off her leg.
oh yeah, and she was totally unpreserved.
scotland is yummy.

(09/12/2006; 08:05pm) - i'm a star in cops

i know i throw the race jokes
and play the race card a lot
but as a young black male,
police coming to your door never stops becoming horrifying


(09/05/2006; 12:45pm) - Hello

Click Submit?

(08/07/2006; 10:23am) - beginning of the week

on a monday like other mondays, this is liek no other