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Not of your design
i don't think like you
so why should i write like you
my thoughts
my world

(06/06/2003; 03:08am) - sharing

i can't help but wander if she would like me more if she read this

if she saw my soul on a silver platter
glittering in the starlight
trapped in this moment of twilight

the tests say that i am
a poet
a minstrel
a dreamer

but i hide these parts
too hurt from too many past experiences
too scared to try again

yet i hope::with the small piece that still believes::
yet i pray::with the piece that died long ago::

that she will

free me. from the bonds of ice, forged in fire, of my own design
stumble. upon these words meant for her that i dare not say
be carried. by this binary stream to
a place
a mountain
to see


as i won't let me see myself.
without the shroud of bitterness::that i dare not remove::
with my head cocked to the stars

i can't help but ask
could she love me?

that she would not is a foregone conclusion