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(04/12/2004; 01:18pm) - above::my::desk

I have a new piece of paper that reads:

I'm just an alchemist I turn pens and papers into verses
Turn three verses into a song that makes you nervous
Turn ten songs into an album with a purpose
And I'll plant that seed in a place deep beneath the surface
Water that seed till the trees grow tall as birches
The tree bears fruit, the sun gives heat like a furnace
The fruit provides nourishment for every single person
But the fruit becomes worthless, surrounding climate worsens
So I go back to the lab, create a different version
But something seems odd, those pens and papers just ain't working
Now the situation's changed and everything seems uncertain
I'll stop planting those seeds because it's time to close the curtains

-Josh Martinez


(04/05/2004; 9:49pm) - not::so::lost

I had no idea China was covered in yellow flowers
Even if it is only for a few moments...
well days or perhaps even a month or so.
It's the old China covered in color, that color
Somehow it stops just outside the city limit.
Its history is most certainly too old to be let into town.
Entire cities built overnight
With complete disregard for detail
kinda like the woman covered... covered!
in her own spat out sunflower seeds on the train
And lets not forget the orange peel and shrimp shells.
She doesn't mind, and more amazingly nor does anyone else...
Shit just happens too fast and changes too quickly
To really give a fuck what is happening right now...
Not that it will necessarily make a difference tomorrow,
seeing as whatever some guy finished building today
will be torn up by someone else tomorrow.
It could be bad planning... or maybe, just maybe...
1.3 billion people just need jobs.
But it all comes together, in this mesh that somehow works
It just takes a bit of shoving to make it happen.


(09/30/2003; 05:20pm) - room:for:rent

So... I need a temporary roomate... what better than Craigslist???

The Ad:
$200 / 2br - Week to Week Negotiable.
In transition? Stuck and need some extra time? $200 per week, negotiable. I have a great place but my roommate isn't moving in until November. If you need a place to stay for a couple of weeks please let me know. I am a business professional who works downtown. 2 bed, 1 bath. The apartment near Bundy and Wilshire.

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
this is in or around Brentwood Adjacent

The First Response (ad posted for 15 minutes):
Hi! My name is Carmen, I'm a 25 years old italian girl studing english at UCLA.
I'm looking for a room for 6 or 8 weeks.
Please let me know if you are still looking for a roommate.
Thank you



(03/25/2003; 09:09pm) - time::zones

It dawns on me daily how odd it is to see a friend across several seas, depending on which way you go, say goodnight an hour after I stroll into the office and shout good morning an hour before I leave and to me I think one of two things - well three - either I work too much or he sleeps not enough - but really its great that within a few extended moments I get two linked snapshots of completely different mindsets each day of the long yet surprisingly short work week - the wise knowing that something was learned that day and the groggy inspirational outlook that something worth while will arise within the day to come.

and such is...


(03/24/2003; 02:37am) - un::closed

Almost perfectly pleased thoughtlessly sipping a silent cup of coffee hot despite violently calm ocean breezes a small smile eases out but crazy eyes turn lazy trying to keep an open eager mind never letting the little things phase me nor my broken beat canter my limping saunter I break stride, shake pride, take sides and tell the rest of em to fuck off ? two more sugars and a little more half milk half cream an asinine attempt to sweeten the day?s dreams but the bitter gritty grounds still sit in the pit of the cup and who gives a fuck about what he said she said or what I had been saying but somehow sounds splinter, thoughts flail, words whither with each and every action rubbing people in an oddly wrong way depriving us all of that much needed satisfaction and with every last sip with everything we?ve finished that bitter taste just takes a little more time to fade than we all thought.

and with that? unclosed doors are:


(03/04/2003; 02:21pm) - the::day::moved

I now sleep under green sheets surrounded by yellow walls just my size feet from the beach on a mattress perfectly positioned on the corner of the floor three blocks from the street courts overseeing the Venice water waves with nothing on the walls but music and wi-fi seem to calm the air rubbing against the several coats of paint I did not place there peek around the corner to find the shower that fills with water shouting there is room for improvement inside but outside there is nothing more perfect than a one minute walk for a world class sunset on the backdrop of what is known to most as just a Hollywood back lot and I think of how great it is to live here so simply sweet with a laptop, camera, soft pillow, a mentality to deconstruct, a desire to stop vacationing in the house I grew up in and all the tools under my fingerprints to look to build me while the distractions are embraced for their brilliant meaninglessness and so it is that my living situation is:


Notable: a small surgury and tilt your head to see a trick (video so be patient)

^ and I made this thing ^

(02/27/2003; 01:02pm) - un::uncommon

Reset memory mindsets to focus ? no thought clarity
Write like I think ? carefully crafted content wrapped
In nonsensical verbose word strings logically

Woke once again - hung so far up it was over
Stumbled around pleasantly pleased
To find I was alone and no one thought less of me
Soakt my sore head in Aleve and Epson salts
With brief breaks designed only to breathe
Two secs to treat my sapphire breath
Still put off the predictable perfect first fault
Memorized my 15 morning mourning minutes
Procrastination of my daily weekday realization
Zip shoosh click snap tie tap go
Dressed blue-collar buttoned shirt un-tucked in
Clear eyed awake - a desperately cheery glow
Some AM hour still has yet to match
My mezmorized early morning demeanor
But just as my everyday day starts
I sit down and realize I have been:


sidenote: breakin rocks.

(02/20/2003; 02:10pm) - social::reconstuctions

Slipped three and one half half-days ago
tipsy toeing around my life
hilarity yet constant confusion stifled by slight
contorted concerted acts and apart
from that - I have half empty inboxes : Full boxes
of outgoing email whose telltale signs tell
who to write written letters to...
who hasn't written biblical alphabetical nicknames - shortcuts
but fuck, all judgment no compassion
discombobulation is this page, a palimpsest - I regress
written but rewrote and reread rethought reset recess. Break.
Breathe. Sound footing, no pout patching placebo effects, check -
check the sitzmarks left behind and as such, in short - one sec - stance
they fell behind on both sides of my clearly defined line,
boundaries drawn, those past parted disciples... home.
the blackish blue little bound friend-book is now:


:[ not sure?

yes... but I will miss him-them-her.

do you rock, or is it still a secret?

reread it... a cat on friends

(02/18/2003; 04:13pm) - kickt::off

"All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day - put the pieces back together my way."
-Aesop Rock

i heard it... and thought it, that's it.
that's exactly it.
and really, what better place to start...
than one's own email inbox.
full of unwanted whatnots of what is exactly not
what I had perhaps unknowingly asked
for what i got.

and then i realized its not new...
but now the email inbox is :-:


So polite.

Actual reality... and what lessons arive?
Don't be in Consumer Response Groups

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