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(05/13/2003; 04:19pm) - morning

this morning i'm trying pigtails. i don't know if pigtails are really my thing. they kinda make me look younger, which i guess is okay. they're definitely cute. i'm also trying a different color eye shadow. for my birthday, my mom took me to a "color specialist". she was supposed to look at my skin tone, and hair color, and whatever, and tell me what colors best accented my features. i think the eye shadow looks weird, but then again, i don't have an associate's degree in cosmotology like cindy does, so i'm giving it a shot. she also told me that i should get highlights in my hair, i haven't done that yet, though, i'm still waiting for a birthday check from nana. but i think cindy's right. i've been telling my mom i wanted my hair dyed forever now. she says that i'm pretty the way i am, but if that's true then why doesn't rob halstead even know i'm alive.