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(04/29/2004; 12:59pm) - svester

my sister is really pissing me off. she won't stop calling me lately. don't get me wrong, i love my sister and everything. we generally talk once a week or so, but lately it's every other day. she's taken to telling me all about the boring things that go on at her job, and all about her stupid coworkers. her coworker jean's sister gina's exboyfriend just started dating a new girl, and now gina's pregnant. so the exboyfriend was going to get back together with gina because he assumed he was the father, and then gina had to tell the exboyfriend, jeff, that it might not be his because she slept with like 5 guys when they were together. so jeff is relieved and pissed at the same time because he doesn't have to get back together with gina, but he still might be a father, and gina's a lying bitch (which is why he broke up with her in the first place, but he thought she was only lying about stealing his car, not sleeping with like 5 other guys).

so why does my sister think i give a shit?