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(01/07/2003; 03:37am) - php the way to be

Wil's Belligerent Poetry (or however you spell it) and Jason's Small Cruel Party are now self sustaining php sections. when you go there the only difference you'll notice is that all the files will end in .php. Andrew's Talking to the screen is php based but i have to migrate all the content to php files. the bitch ass part will be retaining the titles as it is a formatted a bit differently but that will go up tommorow. i have to restructure the old stuff before i can implement the new multi topic admin tool. which should be done this week

As the coolest site-op ever that i am, i brought benny's lastest addition to A Dizzy In The Lizzy back from the dead, he thought he lost but i found it in the bowels of the site, and posted it. don't i rock (the answer is yes) so its just another day in the life for your friendly neighborhood site-op.

i need sleep. bed now