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(09/15/2003; 11:50am) - routine

when i get up in the morning, i try not to think, "what am i going to do today without my arms?" because it's probably unhealthy, and i should think more positively. that's what everyone keeps telling me, but i can't help it. the thing is, it's really difficult because I HAVE NO FUCKING ARMS! YOU TRY TO GET OVER SOMETHING LIKE HAVING NO ARMS, PUSSY! IT'S HARD NOT TO THINK ABOUT WHEN YOU GO TO HIT THE SNOOZE ALARM, AND IT KEEPS ON BEEPING; YOU REACH FOR THE SOAP, AND IT JUST SITS THERE; YOU STEP ON THE GAS, BUT THE WHEEL DOESN'T TURN. FORGETTING ABOUT IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE, YOU MIGHT FIND!

*note: today's ...ish has been typed by toes*