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a surprize phone call

(04/16/2003; 02:06am) - a surprize phone call

this morning the phone range at like 9 in the morning. normally i don't answer the phone that early because it's always one of those computer calls, and that just sucks. but i was feeling particularly sadistic (and the phone was right next to my bed because i forgot to put it back on the thing) and i picked it up.
"you still sleeping, walker?"
"get your goddamned head out of your ass"
it was my high school football coach.
"coach, it's nine in the morning"
"that's bullshit"
i remember thinking "can he swear? no authority figure before in my life ever swore in front of me, unless they got hit in the balls or something. i'm supposed to respect elders, and not swear in public, and here's this guy, clearly my elder, swearing at me. i suppose he can, i mean, this isn't middle school or anything, maybe this is the way things are now.
"coach that's not bullshit, it's nine in the morning"
"don't you swear at me, you little fuck. if you're giving 110 percent, you're up at 8 and you're ready for the day."
somehow i got balls, i talked back to him
"coach, if was giving 110 percent, shouldn't i get up at 11:24? that's 10 percent later in the day than 9."
"goddammit walker, i'm coming over there"
and he hung up the phone.