Vanilla 1 Upgrader

Vanilla Upgrade Wizard (Step 1 of 3)

Navigate the filesystem of your server to the Vanilla folder. If you have your old appg/settings.php file from your previous installation of Vanilla, rename it old_settings.php and upload it to the /conf folder of your new Vanilla installation.

Vanilla will need read AND write access to the conf folder.

There are many ways to set these permissions. One way is to execute the following from the root Vanilla folder:

chmod 777 ./conf

You will also need to grant read access to the extensions, languages, setup, and themes folders. Typically these permissions are granted by default, but if not you can achieve them with the following commands:

chmod --recursive 755 ./extensions
chmod --recursive 755 ./languages
chmod --recursive 755 ./setup
chmod --recursive 755 ./themes