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the world should never forget

(02/11/2006; 07:36pm) - on the way out

hey you

now that i have your attention just wanted to say that the forum is now unhacked
enjoy it while you can, as this incarnation is on the way out


(02/09/2006; 09:21am) - new forum in the works

a new ajax forum. its in the works
check out a preview here

(02/08/2006; 09:25am) - he pwns our shit

ok, joke over, why isn't this thing fixed?
4 celebrities could be dead and i won't know about it.
jason could have snootily reviewed some whiskey i've never heard of, and i can't scoff at him.
benny could have decided to be all of our friends again, but i'd never know, because yusuf karaz pwnz our shit.

(02/02/2006; 09:44am) - i hate 13 year olds

yes i know about the forum


(01/26/2006; 09:44am) - thurs again

it's thursday again
i can tell because i'm tired from my night classes
and sore from working out earlier in the week
i want bed. and booze
i want booze then bed


(01/24/2006; 12:13am) - Bobert: Gilmore Girls?

The temperature dropped like 20 degrees while I was in class this afternoon. And the wind did its bit. So to the people who were looking at me strange because I was obviously perspiring and uncomfortable in the midday sun... nyah. Nyah.


(01/19/2006; 03:52pm) - hoo ha

sorry for the late blurb
but i've been watching gilmore girls at work all day today


(01/18/2006; 03:57pm) - the wonders of Sinia...

when you get asked for your passport
more times in 2 hours than you have in 2 years...
(and you don't really want to give it
to those ugly army dudes)
it makes you grateful for a friendly face
and a safe bed at the end of the night.


(01/17/2006; 08:05am) - Rye Whisky


"I'll eat when I'm hungry,
I'll drink when I'm dry,
If the hard times don't kill me,
I'll live till I die.

Rye whisky, rye whisky,
Rye whisky, I cry,
If you don't give me rye whisky,
I surely will die."


(01/12/2006; 09:17am) - hmph

i wanna go back to bed
and wake up
and watch gilmore girls