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idle threats

(08/29/2003; 09:57am) - idle threats

i swear to god if this steve doesn't shut the fuck up i'm going to throtle him. give me 14 copies of 16B. god, shut the fuck up! he doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. he's wearing that shirt and that fucking tie again. who wears paisley ties? paisley is for boxer shorts. goddamit, what is paisley? what a stupid pattern, it doesn't even make any sense. man, that steve is going to get it. yesterday he came in here and was all, i need that counter report so i can finish the recall on the washers. i almost punched him right there, with his combover. he's not even bald! no wonder his marriage is in trouble. i mean, i've been divorced three times, but at least i get a decent hair cut at super cuts. unlike SOME PEOPLE...NAMED STEVE. i'll give him one more day, and if he pulls this shit again i'm gonna, i swear i'll...right i hate that guy.